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We work on all aspects of the vehicle. We bring all the tools needed to where your car is. With one of the lowest labor prices in the Portland area, we take great pride in providing great service at a great price. We can bring the parts needed for the repair or the customer can pick them up, either way there is no mark up on parts prices.  We believe in doing the job right. Our knowledge and efficiency have shown through in every job we have completed. We take great pride in the work we do and believe in honesty and dedication. When speaking to customers, we will take the time to explain the whys and hows of their car problems, give them all their choices for the resolution of the problem and provide guidance on prioritization, based on both mechanical and financial need. We can accept all major credit cards, checks or cash. You will be billed on site after job is complete and pay for parts needed prior to purchase. 

We offer a free estimate by phone so contact us today and let us help you in a time of automotive need.


 This business is great! A friendly employee, Rick, told me what I  thought was true...I had a starter issue. He picked up a new starter,  was in and out of my parking lot in 1.5 hours, and saved me a ton of  money on a tow and outrageous overhead fees at a shop. I highly  recommend this business. Crystal

 Tried to be a weekend mechanic and somewhat failed I didn't have the  wires on correctly he diagnosed a problem within a few minutes real nice  people easy to work with would recommend them to anyone. They have a  $60 minimum and I was happy to pay that because it would have cost me a  lot more to have it put in a shop and waiting for availability so it was  a great deal for me thanks again.  Don

 I had a straightforward code to swap out an O2 sensor on Wifey's Honda.  Bought the part and was gonna do it, but the family and I came down with  a monstrously nasty virus and boy has it hung on! I gave Gabe a call,  my first time going "mobile", and I'm glad I did. Young man came as  scheduled, swapped out the part and even installed a headlight I had  sitting in the car, just because....
The entire process was super  quick and ridiculously inexpensive. I will most definitely again avail  myself of this service in the future!  Mdc Tenor